Our mission is to make safe, decent, sanitary, permanent housing available to American veterans.

Help feed hungry veterans!

AHI will soon be opening its Food Pantry to help veterans at our centers and those in the community. Learn how you can help today!

Did you know...

Did you know...

AHI is in the middle of its Volunteer Recruitment drive? If you are interested in working with/on behalf of homeless veterans, please contact us. We have a variety of opportunities available. Please email gcrawford for more information.


Please help us purchase computers for our in-house lab!

AHI has launched its first-ever Internet fundraising campaign to help us raise money to purchase new computers and software for our in-house lab. The computer lab is used by our residents to search for jobs, to learn new skills, and to keep in touch with loved ones. Please join us for this special effort and please share this link with those you know to encourage them to help support homeless veterans too. Thank you in advance for caring!