3 Basic Understanding Of Cleaning Services That You Should Know

When you were new to cleaning service, there were many things that made you confused and afraid. Maybe none of you have worked in a cleaning service, so your question is, what should a cleaning service do? In fact, as a Umzug Manager, cleaning services have certain types of work and this you should know.

Ok, in this article we will provide 3 basic understanding of cleaning services that you should know.

Let’s get started!

I. Basic Cleaning

The types of work that are included in the Basic Cleaning group are the main jobs in an area with the aim that the area can be used for daily activities as usual.

Examples for office areas for main types of work include:

  1. Clean the furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.)
  2. Throw garbage
  3. Cleaning the floor (sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floor carpet)
  4. Clean glass (on doors, windows and screens that are easily accessible)
  5. Clean toilet
  6. The work that is included in the Basic Cleaning schedule should be done before the operational hours of the area start, but there are times when the schedule cannot be done for some reason.

Example: There is a room that is locked so it waits to be opened first by the owner of the room who usually comes right when the operating hours start, so in this situation it is better to do basic work in the afternoon / evening before the room is locked, or it can also be done when it is just opened immediately done with notes ask permission in advance because it will definitely disturb their activities a little.

II. Daily Cleaning

The area that is being used for activities will definitely emerge new dirt, especially the public area (for the public) so we have to carry out the above work continuously as needed, but try not to interfere with activities.

Examples for office areas include:

  1. Re-clean the coffee table after every use
  2. Take out the trash when it’s full
  3. Cleaning the floor of the lobby area and corridors or areas of office space during recess
  4. Clean the door glass as needed
  5. Clean the toilet as often as possible

In implementing the Daily Cleanning shedule, there is no stipulation on how many times a day or continuously, but it can be adjusted according to the needs of each area. So in a few days we can analyze at what time these areas need to be repeated so that cleanliness can be well controlled

III. General Cleaning

Thorough cleaning means that apart from the Basic and Daily jobs that have been carried out there are still many other jobs which of course cannot be carried out in the morning due to time constraints. The time to carry out General Cleaning (GC) work is free time either during operational hours on the sidelines of the Daily schedule or other times before and after operational hours or overtime. As a information, Büroreinigung is best choice for office cleaning services.

Examples of GC work for office areas include:

  1. Cleaning ceilings / plapons
  2. Lampshade cleaning
  3. Cleaning the ventilator
  4. Cleaning of walls / room dividers
  5. Cleaning of wall acesories and accessories (clocks, fans, AC covers, extinguishers, and others)
  6. Cleaning the glass and upper frame
  7. Cleaning the corner of the floor space that is blocked by heavy objects
  8. Electronic equipment cover cleaning
  9. Wash the trash
  10. Caring for ornamental plants in both vases and flower pots
  11. Floor polishing using a Polisher machine (Brushing, Buffing, Crystallizing and others)
  12. Washing carpets or mats
  13. Descaling of the toilet

How, quite understandable right?

That’s all from our brief explanation 3 Basic Understanding of Cleaning Service that you should know. Hopefully this article will be of use to you, if you need a professional and trusted Indonesian Cleaning Service for apartments, factories, hospitals, schools or other public areas.

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