5 Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Two Girls

Sharing a bedroom with a sister is a common thing for some parents. Usually, parents combine the bedrooms of their two daughters who are still toddlers to teenagers so that the relationship between the two is closer or to save space. Combining two girls’ rooms in one room is not an easy thing to do.

In addition to being fair in terms of furniture, the harmony of the furniture and the design of the room must also describe the personality of each girl. Likely, you need to go Betten für Jugendliche und Kinder first. Here’s a room design inspiration for two girls.

  1. Multi-level mattress

The bunk bed model can be the right solution for a girl’s room with limited space. You can combine the two favorite colors so that the room is more dynamic, interesting, and of course reflects the personality of each child. Don’t forget to combine the mattress with matching sheets or blankets so that the interior of the room is more aesthetic hochbetten.

  1. Side by side mattresses

In addition to multi-story mattresses, you can get around a narrow bedroom by placing the mattress side by side and symmetrically so that the room is more spacious. Add decorations in the center of the mattress such as a small table or painting to focus attention so the room doesn’t look too full.

  1. The theme of a bedroom like a princess.

A bedroom design like a princess with a cot or bed filled with classic carvings will be a fun and fun decoration. Add an antique table on the side of the mattress and then paint the walls in neutral or pastel colors to add a sweet and feminine impression. At the back of the bed, hang a collection of paintings or portraits of child-made art using a rope that you can make yourself.

  1. Refine color schemes for teenagers

When children grow up to be teenagers, of course the decorations and design choices are different from toddlers. You can refine the color scheme and replace it with neutral colors or earth tones to make it seem warmer, minimalist, and modern. tandembetten, Children also need space to learn as they grow older. Place a study table on either side or in the middle of the mattress as an insulator. Don’t forget the two floating bookshelves so they don’t take up too much space.

  1. Room decor for bookworms

If your child has a hobby of reading, you can use the corner of the room as a place to store a collection of children’s books. Don’t forget to put a window seat near the window as a comfortable place to read a book.

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