Tips for Designing a Roof Top Garden at Home

One strategy to outsmart the trend of shrinking residential sizes is to build them taller. In big cities like Jakarta, home with a land area of ​​less than 30 m2 are built with three floors. Practically, the entire land area is used for buildings. Meanwhile, the green area was moved upwards in the form of a roof top garden, aka a garden on the roof of the home .

This roof top garden has already become a trend in several big cities in the world such as New York, Los Angeles, London and many more; large cities whose housing is mainly dominated by vertical dwellings. The existence of a roof garden is important as the lungs of the city, a place to relax and grow various vegetables to eat.

Design a Roof Garden to be an Open Area

An open roof garden will give an airy impression. You can put plants and some garden benches in the corner of the roof. Or choose a glass divider instead of a railing. However, the condition of this open garden is not suitable for those of you who are concerned with privacy, such as what one apartment in Tel Aviv offers above.

Surround with Tall Plants

If the roof space you have is large enough, but the surrounding scenery is not very attractive, then tall plants can be arranged around the roof. Please keep in mind the weight of the plant, so as not to overload the roof. Using synthetic plants can reduce weight significantly. As a bonus, you can also maintain privacy.

Roof Garden and Family Room on Home

The roof garden that is made can also function as a family room at the same time. A minimalist sofa surrounded by medium-sized plants in pots, plus plants placed on the wall. The right lighting will make relaxing time more meaningful.

Roof Garden with Wooden Floor

The condition of Indonesia, which is located in a tropical country, makes us have to pay attention to the protective function and also the floor of the roof garden that is made. The type of floor can be chosen which is not easily slippery and is not easily weathered by rain. If the rainfall in your area is quite frequent, then the installation of a canopy can be considered. In addition to protecting the garden and all its contents, the canopy can also beautify the garden.

Play Light in the Roof Garden

A roof garden with appropriate lighting will make it more attractive at night. Place sufficient lighting in the area of ​​​​the stairs or doors, so that people can pass properly. If you like reading in the roof garden, a bright corner lamp close to a comfortable sofa can be an option. Or add a plant accent. Good lighting can also conjure up a wider garden at night.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

A garden will be interesting if it is decorated with various plants. Limited land on the roof floor does not have to make you sacrifice greening. Vertical gardens are the solution. Small pots of plants can be placed on the wall, or propagate plants on a trellis.

Well, with this interesting inspiration, you have no more reason to delay having a roof garden.

7 Main Tips for Choosing a Unique and Beautiful Home Window Design

Choosing a window design is one of the most mandatory things that every home must have. It doesn’t matter if the house is large, small, or medium. From classic, modern, luxurious house models, or home models that are currently being loved by many people, namely, minimalist home models. When building a house, usually people do not pay attention to the windows. They will focus more on the interior design of the house such as the furniture to be used or the design of the walls of their house. In fact, choosing a window is very important. In addition to the fact that the window has a function as an incoming air vent, choosing a window with the right design will make your home design look better and match the furniture in your home.

Here, SGCKA presents 7 main tips on how to choose your home window design to make it look more unique and beautiful.

  1. Choose the Window that Fits Your Needs and Tastes

Currently there are many types of windows that you can choose from. You can choose classic sash window. This type of window is a window that can be moved up or down or from left to right. This type of window can also be moved up and down or shifted horizontally. There are awning windows that are quite popular and are usually installed in apartments. Apollofenster – kompetenter partner für fenster, haustüren und mehr… With hinges located on the top or bottom, this window can be installed anywhere, even in the corner. Or you can choose a hopper type window that you can install above the door.

2. Use Windows that Reflect the Architectural Style of the House

All houses have an architectural design style that makes them unique and different from others. To get the right window, the first step that must be done is to choose a window that matches the aesthetics of your home design. If your house is modern and contemporary, maybe you can choose taller glass windows. But if your house is in a traditional style, you can choose a window with a classic diamond-shaped window post. The point is, make your home’s architectural style a reference.

3. Beautify with Colorful Frames and Window Poles

In addition to the color and architectural style of the house, you can also choose the right window by choosing colorful pillars and window frames. For the material, the window frames and poles can be made of iron or wood. If you are confused about what exterior window color is right for your home, you can ask a professional painter.

4. Determining the Function of the Window

Basically, the window serves as a ‘way’ for light to enter your home. However, windows can also be used as doors if the type of window you use is a sliding window. Even though it functions as a way for light to enter, you can decorate your windows. Also fenster online kaufen , Consider what windows will fit into your home before you install them.

5. Choose the Best Accent Color for Window Frames

Choosing an exterior paint color palette is often confusing. To get the right color, you can also pay attention to the environment around your house or the houses of your neighbors as a reference material.

6. Choose the appropriate window with the required amount of ventilation

One of the important benefits of windows is as ventilation for the exchange of fresh air in the room. Determining your requirements will help you determine what kind of window you will install.

7. Choose Attractive Windows for Your Home Interior

Aesthetics of the house is indeed an important thing. But don’t forget that windows also have an aesthetic function for the interior of your home. For example, the bathroom. Choose a window that allows light from outside to enter but is not transparent so that no one can see it from the outside. Haustür bei Apollofenster ,For public spaces at home, you can consider high and wide windows so that light can enter to the maximum.

Important points in choosing aluminum for your building

Using aluminum frames has become an alternative for those who are building houses. This is because using the material from the wood the price is getting higher from time to time.

It is also very difficult to get a frame made of wood nowadays, especially for high quality wood. Therefore, it is not surprising that currently aluminum frames are one of the last choices for most people who are looking for a way to make a good frame but at a relatively affordable price. Also visit our representative point at for awesomeness.

Even though previously, you chose to use aluminum frames, you still have to be smarter in determining what kind of frame is right for you to use, if you choose aluminum frames as one of your best choices. To be more precise, please refer to the following:

1. You should just pay attention to what kind of product you want to choose. Considering that currently there are many products from aluminum frames that are offered by the seller and their distributors. There are the cheapest, up to the most expensive. You should be able to ask for more complete specs from several product options that you can choose from at competitive prices.

2. Before you try to order an aluminum frame, you should research it as well as possible. Ask the seller to see in terms of thickness. Is the thickness of the frame made of aluminum that is able to meet the standard or not. At least, the thickness must have a minimum width of 1 mm. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the finishing. Because, finishing that is not so good will affect the standard of using the frame itself.

3. Make sure you really take care of the frame properly, so that there are no more expenses and additional costs needed to maintain and pay additional costs when replacing a frame with a new one. In addition, don’t forget that in the installation of the frame there is actually a separate technique.

4. Talking about the price of the frames offered, it basically depends on the size you will use. Most of the prices for aluminum frames in Jakarta are offered from 50 thousand rupiah for each inch up to 1 million rupiah. It all depends on the size and shape of the door that will be used.

Those are some things you should know about using aluminum for buildings. Hope it adds to your insight.

Several Tips To Your Home Improvement Job

Home improvement choices are somewhat personal in nature. If you will be living in your home for a long time, then you can make decisions about what you like the best. If you are selling within a relatively short period of time, then there are a lot of factors to take into account. This article will give you ideas on how you can make good decisions when it comes to your home-improvement projects.

For someone working on a limited budget, there are ways to give your living space a brand new look. It’s simply a case of working with what you have. Move your existing furniture around, maybe Home using different pieces in different rooms. Replace any photos with updated ones. Spend a little money on a new shade for an existing lamp. It’s the small touches that make the difference.

Always keep the big picture in mind when embarking on a long term home improvement project. Your budget may dictate that you break up a project into several smaller, more manageable pieces, but take care that the finished product doesn’t look like a hodgepodge of unrelated, poorly thought out elements.

Place a nice centerpiece on your dining room table to create a sophisticated look. Your arrangement doesn’t have to be floral in nature. You can mix celery sticks or different vegetables with flowers, or use wildflowers growing outside to create an arrangement pleasing to the eye. You can place your centerpiece into a basket or a vase.

Maintaining a level head and a drive for perfection during home remodeling can be a bit hard. There is a lot going on, and you have to be able to “roll with the punches” so to speak. The ideas in this article have shown you how you can have a beautiful home without breaking the banks and showcase your own personal style while not killing your resale value.

Rules for Arranging the Right Sofa in Residential

The sofa can be considered as a basic element of interior decoration in a minimalist home. And the existence of the sofa becomes very vital in the dwelling so it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the arrangement. Putting the sofa wrong will certainly affect the aesthetics of room decoration. SIBLO is a good alternative when you choose a sofa.

And so as not to be mistaken, here are five ideas for arranging a sofa based on the type of sofa.

  1. Sofa with different models

It’s okay to unite sofas with different models in one room. If you have three sofa models consisting of a large sofa, armchair, and bench sofa, make sure you place the largest sofa with a more prominent texture in the middle of the room. And for the others in front of the right and left. Create a ‘U’ shaped layout. You can add a chandelier or a small table in between the sofas to sweeten the look.

  1. Woven Bamboo Sofa

The woven bamboo sofa is most suitable to be placed in an outdoor area, such as a terrace or balcony. Because the woven bamboo sofa is very suitable for a relaxed atmosphere. Sofas like this are comfortable to use as a place to relax in the afternoon while enjoying the breeze on the terrace of the house. Don’t forget to add comfortable cushions and backrests on the sofa.

  1. Leather sofa

Leather sofas are synonymous with formal and classic rustic designs. This type of sofa is very suitable to be placed in the living room area. Generally consists of one long sofa and a single sofa. You can arrange it in an L shape. You can also add a wooden table in the middle, as well as a matching colored carpet base to make the room look harmonious.

  1. Letter L . Sofa

This type of sofa has a simple and modern shape. It is suitable for a minimalist or contemporary design residence. If you use this type of sofa then there is no need to add a single chair. Suitable to be placed in the family room because it is very comfortable to sit back while enjoying television. Add a standing lamp decoration or greenery around it to make it look more modern. The ecksofa is an interesting option to consider for a model like this. For those of you who want a more comfortable choice, ecsofa mit schlaffunktion can be a further choice.

  1. Two-color sofa

If you choose to use a sofa with a different color, choose colors that complement each other, for example green with brown, navy with yellow, and so on. The application of a two-color sofa is suitable to be placed in your living room or family room.

You can choose the form of a long sofa with two single chairs, or a long sofa with two single sofas with the same model. Place it in an L shape. Add a rug and center table. In addition, you can add a table lamp to the side of the sofa to enhance the appearance.

Welche Arten von Luftreinigern gibt es?

Wie der Name schon sagt, Luftreiniger sorgen für saubere Luft in unserer Umgebung. Man sollte jedoch nicht vergessen, dass sich die einzelnen Modelle stark voneinander unterscheiden.

Moderne und praktische Luftreiniger

Statistiken haben bewiesen, dass die höchste Konzentration an Luftverschmutzung auf den Winter zufällt. Trotzdem sind wir das ganze Jahr über der Luftverschmutzung ausgesetzt. Im Frühling und Sommer machen sich besonders allergische Beschwerden bemerkbar. Zum Glück müssen wir einen Luftreiniger nicht als ein Gerät betrachten, das typisch mit einer bestimmten Saison verbunden ist. Luftreiniger können uns nämlich je nach dem ausgewählten Modell und dessen verfügbaren Funktionen das ganze Jahr über dienen. Wenn wir uns für ein Gerät entscheiden, das zusätzlich mit der Funktion eines Ionisators ausgestattet ist, garantiert es zusätzlich ein Ionengleichgewicht im Raum. Das ist besonders dort wichtig, wo viele Elektrogeräte arbeiten. Die Ionisationsfunktion eliminiert auch unangenehme Gerüche, deswegen wird sie oft von Personen genutzt, die Haustiere haben. Andere Modelle von Luftreinigern hingegen können mit Luftbefeuchtern ausgestattet sein, die dann besonders nützlich sind, wenn die Luftfeuchtigkeit im Raum unterhalb der empfohlenen 40-60% fällt. Wie man sieht gibt es ebenso viele Arten, einen Luftreiniger zu verwenden, wie Luftreiniger selbst. 

Arten von Luftreinigern

In Bezug auf die Nutzer werden Luftreiniger in die folgenden Arten unterteilt:

  • Luftreiniger gegen Smog
  • Luftreiniger für Allergiker
  • Luftreiniger gegen Viren
  • Luftreiniger gegen Staub
  • Luftreiniger für Kinder
  • Luftreiniger gegen Tabakrauch
  • Luftreiniger mit Befeuchtungsfunktion
  • Luftreiniger mit Ionisationsfunktion

Die wichtigsten technischen Parameter eines Luftreinigers

Hier wurden die wichtigsten Parameter zusammengestellt, die beim Kauf eines Luftreinigers berücksichtigt werden sollten:

  • Der CADR-Wert
  • Die maximale Fläche, auf der ein Luftreiniger arbeiten kann:
  • Energieeffizienz
  • Der Geräuschpegel in Dezibel
  • Die angewandten Filter
  • Vorhandene Sensoren
  • Automatikmodi und die Möglichkeit einer Onlinesteuerung des Luftreinigers

3 Basic Understanding Of Cleaning Services That You Should Know

When you were new to cleaning service, there were many things that made you confused and afraid. Maybe none of you have worked in a cleaning service, so your question is, what should a cleaning service do? In fact, as a Umzug Manager, cleaning services have certain types of work and this you should know.

Ok, in this article we will provide 3 basic understanding of cleaning services that you should know.

Let’s get started!

I. Basic Cleaning

The types of work that are included in the Basic Cleaning group are the main jobs in an area with the aim that the area can be used for daily activities as usual.

Examples for office areas for main types of work include:

  1. Clean the furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.)
  2. Throw garbage
  3. Cleaning the floor (sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floor carpet)
  4. Clean glass (on doors, windows and screens that are easily accessible)
  5. Clean toilet
  6. The work that is included in the Basic Cleaning schedule should be done before the operational hours of the area start, but there are times when the schedule cannot be done for some reason.

Example: There is a room that is locked so it waits to be opened first by the owner of the room who usually comes right when the operating hours start, so in this situation it is better to do basic work in the afternoon / evening before the room is locked, or it can also be done when it is just opened immediately done with notes ask permission in advance because it will definitely disturb their activities a little.

II. Daily Cleaning

The area that is being used for activities will definitely emerge new dirt, especially the public area (for the public) so we have to carry out the above work continuously as needed, but try not to interfere with activities.

Examples for office areas include:

  1. Re-clean the coffee table after every use
  2. Take out the trash when it’s full
  3. Cleaning the floor of the lobby area and corridors or areas of office space during recess
  4. Clean the door glass as needed
  5. Clean the toilet as often as possible

In implementing the Daily Cleanning shedule, there is no stipulation on how many times a day or continuously, but it can be adjusted according to the needs of each area. So in a few days we can analyze at what time these areas need to be repeated so that cleanliness can be well controlled

III. General Cleaning

Thorough cleaning means that apart from the Basic and Daily jobs that have been carried out there are still many other jobs which of course cannot be carried out in the morning due to time constraints. The time to carry out General Cleaning (GC) work is free time either during operational hours on the sidelines of the Daily schedule or other times before and after operational hours or overtime. As a information, Büroreinigung is best choice for office cleaning services.

Examples of GC work for office areas include:

  1. Cleaning ceilings / plapons
  2. Lampshade cleaning
  3. Cleaning the ventilator
  4. Cleaning of walls / room dividers
  5. Cleaning of wall acesories and accessories (clocks, fans, AC covers, extinguishers, and others)
  6. Cleaning the glass and upper frame
  7. Cleaning the corner of the floor space that is blocked by heavy objects
  8. Electronic equipment cover cleaning
  9. Wash the trash
  10. Caring for ornamental plants in both vases and flower pots
  11. Floor polishing using a Polisher machine (Brushing, Buffing, Crystallizing and others)
  12. Washing carpets or mats
  13. Descaling of the toilet

How, quite understandable right?

That’s all from our brief explanation 3 Basic Understanding of Cleaning Service that you should know. Hopefully this article will be of use to you, if you need a professional and trusted Indonesian Cleaning Service for apartments, factories, hospitals, schools or other public areas.

How To Choose a Garden Chair

There are many factors that must be considered before choosing a garden chair. So that you don’t get confused, here are four ways to choose a good garden chair. Take the following references into consideration so that the chairs look harmonious with your garden. As information, you can look at Kirchenstühle stapelbar if you need chairs for church.

1. Choose one that can be occupied by at least two adults

You can sit comfortably if the lawn chair is the right width and length. In order to sit comfortably, the garden chair should have a seat length of 60 cm for one person or 120 cm for two people. As more family members, you can choose a chair with a longer seat for three people.

However, garden chairs in general have a seat length of 120 cm which can only be occupied by two adults. In addition, garden chairs will be more expensive if you have a longer seat size. So, buy two garden chairs instead of buying one too long so it is more economical.

2. Choose a durable material for outdoor use

When talking about lawn chairs, you might think of wooden chairs. If it’s made of wood, you should make sure the chair is waterproof. Chairs made of durable wood are relatively more expensive than chairs made from other materials. However, wooden chairs can be used in the long run so they are more economical.

Apart from wood, you can also choose chairs made of metal and plastic. These materials are more resistant to water than wooden chairs even though they are less comfortable to sit on. However, plastic garden chairs are still difficult to find in online stores in Indonesia.

3. Choose a thick wood

You can certainly sit feeling secure if your chair is made of thick wood and is able to provide good support. The garden chair consists of the arrangement of several pieces of wood so that it is strong for several normal weight people to sit on. However, chairs may become damaged if many people sit at the same time or are stepped on by children. Thus, choose a garden chair made of thick wood so that the chair is durable.

The obstacle in buying garden chairs online is the difficulty in assessing and estimating the size of the product. To fix this, you should choose a product that has information about the seat support. However, this does not mean that the chair will immediately be damaged if it is occupied by a weight that exceeds its supporting capacity. Therefore, you should choose a chair with support that exceeds the weight of the entire family.

In addition, you should also prohibit children from jumping on chairs because they can easily damage the chair. Even children can get hurt because of these activities.

4. Choose which is easy and quick to assemble

When choosing a garden chair or other furniture item, choose a product that is easy to assemble. Moreover, garden chairs are generally large in size so they are difficult to assemble alone. Therefore, read user information and reviews and choose a chair that can be assembled quickly and easily. Even if there are, choose a product that contains a chair with a set of assembly tools.

Some products require more than one person to assemble a chair. If you have trouble assembling the chair by yourself, ask someone else for help. In order for optimal assembly results, do not force yourself to assemble the chair alone.

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