Rules for Arranging the Right Sofa in Residential

The sofa can be considered as a basic element of interior decoration in a minimalist home. And the existence of the sofa becomes very vital in the dwelling so it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the arrangement. Putting the sofa wrong will certainly affect the aesthetics of room decoration. SIBLO is a good alternative when you choose a sofa.

And so as not to be mistaken, here are five ideas for arranging a sofa based on the type of sofa.

  1. Sofa with different models

It’s okay to unite sofas with different models in one room. If you have three sofa models consisting of a large sofa, armchair, and bench sofa, make sure you place the largest sofa with a more prominent texture in the middle of the room. And for the others in front of the right and left. Create a ‘U’ shaped layout. You can add a chandelier or a small table in between the sofas to sweeten the look.

  1. Woven Bamboo Sofa

The woven bamboo sofa is most suitable to be placed in an outdoor area, such as a terrace or balcony. Because the woven bamboo sofa is very suitable for a relaxed atmosphere. Sofas like this are comfortable to use as a place to relax in the afternoon while enjoying the breeze on the terrace of the house. Don’t forget to add comfortable cushions and backrests on the sofa.

  1. Leather sofa

Leather sofas are synonymous with formal and classic rustic designs. This type of sofa is very suitable to be placed in the living room area. Generally consists of one long sofa and a single sofa. You can arrange it in an L shape. You can also add a wooden table in the middle, as well as a matching colored carpet base to make the room look harmonious.

  1. Letter L . Sofa

This type of sofa has a simple and modern shape. It is suitable for a minimalist or contemporary design residence. If you use this type of sofa then there is no need to add a single chair. Suitable to be placed in the family room because it is very comfortable to sit back while enjoying television. Add a standing lamp decoration or greenery around it to make it look more modern. The ecksofa is an interesting option to consider for a model like this. For those of you who want a more comfortable choice, ecsofa mit schlaffunktion can be a further choice.

  1. Two-color sofa

If you choose to use a sofa with a different color, choose colors that complement each other, for example green with brown, navy with yellow, and so on. The application of a two-color sofa is suitable to be placed in your living room or family room.

You can choose the form of a long sofa with two single chairs, or a long sofa with two single sofas with the same model. Place it in an L shape. Add a rug and center table. In addition, you can add a table lamp to the side of the sofa to enhance the appearance.

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