Tips for Designing a Roof Top Garden at Home

One strategy to outsmart the trend of shrinking residential sizes is to build them taller. In big cities like Jakarta, home with a land area of ​​less than 30 m2 are built with three floors. Practically, the entire land area is used for buildings. Meanwhile, the green area was moved upwards in the form of a roof top garden, aka a garden on the roof of the home .

This roof top garden has already become a trend in several big cities in the world such as New York, Los Angeles, London and many more; large cities whose housing is mainly dominated by vertical dwellings. The existence of a roof garden is important as the lungs of the city, a place to relax and grow various vegetables to eat.

Design a Roof Garden to be an Open Area

An open roof garden will give an airy impression. You can put plants and some garden benches in the corner of the roof. Or choose a glass divider instead of a railing. However, the condition of this open garden is not suitable for those of you who are concerned with privacy, such as what one apartment in Tel Aviv offers above.

Surround with Tall Plants

If the roof space you have is large enough, but the surrounding scenery is not very attractive, then tall plants can be arranged around the roof. Please keep in mind the weight of the plant, so as not to overload the roof. Using synthetic plants can reduce weight significantly. As a bonus, you can also maintain privacy.

Roof Garden and Family Room on Home

The roof garden that is made can also function as a family room at the same time. A minimalist sofa surrounded by medium-sized plants in pots, plus plants placed on the wall. The right lighting will make relaxing time more meaningful.

Roof Garden with Wooden Floor

The condition of Indonesia, which is located in a tropical country, makes us have to pay attention to the protective function and also the floor of the roof garden that is made. The type of floor can be chosen which is not easily slippery and is not easily weathered by rain. If the rainfall in your area is quite frequent, then the installation of a canopy can be considered. In addition to protecting the garden and all its contents, the canopy can also beautify the garden.

Play Light in the Roof Garden

A roof garden with appropriate lighting will make it more attractive at night. Place sufficient lighting in the area of ​​​​the stairs or doors, so that people can pass properly. If you like reading in the roof garden, a bright corner lamp close to a comfortable sofa can be an option. Or add a plant accent. Good lighting can also conjure up a wider garden at night.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

A garden will be interesting if it is decorated with various plants. Limited land on the roof floor does not have to make you sacrifice greening. Vertical gardens are the solution. Small pots of plants can be placed on the wall, or propagate plants on a trellis.

Well, with this interesting inspiration, you have no more reason to delay having a roof garden.

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